A thriving garden

It was a mid-October morning and I was visiting Day Support for the first time in months. The atmosphere walking in was just as inviting as the autumn weather outside.

I made my way into the art room and was greeted by Tom. We had never met before but it felt like we had been friends for years. Tom is tall and kind and was eager to show me his artwork. We sat and talked as he drew a scary face on a piece of paper cut into the shape of a small ghost.

I asked Tom, as he was showing me the ghosts that others had drawn for Halloween, what his favorite part about Day Support was.

“All of it” he said.
“All of it? Do you have a favorite room?” I asked.
“I like it all,” he replied.

I then moved into to the technology room. A group was getting ready to watch a movie so I began walking back to check out the exercise room. On my way, I ran into Tom in the hallway and he proceeded to take me on a tour.

First stop, sensory room. “Hey, get a picture of this,” he said, lying on a bean bag. “You like those lights over there, don’t you?” he said, referring to a set of glowing lights in the corner that I was photographing.

Next, we went to the activities room where Tom showed me his favorite chair. He made sure I had a chance to sit in it, too, because he knew I’d enjoy it.

To cap off the tour we stopped by the garden, which was bearing the season’s last bit of vegetables. We picked tomatoes and some green peppers. Just a few days before, the garden was full of cucumbers, squash, and all kinds of perfect afternoon snack options.

Day Support Supervisor, Brigitte Suijk, QIDP, bags tomatoes with Tom.

Day Support Supervisor, Brigitte Suijk, QIDP, bags tomatoes with Tom.

Day Support Supervisor, Brigitte Suijk, QIDP, bags tomatoes with Tom.

Jason Miles, a DSP staff at Day Support, then began to tell me all that they did to make sure the garden was growing and thriving. And he told me about their plans for the upcoming winter season and even for next year.

Tom suggested they grow those really strong peppers again. He also wants to try to grow pumpkins for next fall, which I learned need to be planted months in advance.

After my visit to Day Support and thorough tour, I realized it was me who grew a little. I can see why Tom likes it so much.

Written by a Good Neighbor team member.