Behind the scenes at ABC 8

Showcase Richmond on WRIC ABC 8 did a segment on Good Neighbor that aired on television on Christmas Eve!

Our very own Executive Director, Matthew Marek was joined by Debbie Johnston, CEO of Ask Nurse Debbie, who helped Matt start the company.

“I went to Debbie with the idea of providing support to the community that were in institutionalized care. I asked several times until she decided it might be a good idea to invest in this interest.”

They talk about how Good Neighbor breaks down the stigma for mental health and disability services and how the company is expanding.

“Just this past year, the world health organization named depression to be the number one cause of disability worldwide, and so I think that speaks volumes to the issue,” Matt tells ABC 8.

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“From a stigma stand point, mental health is just a topic of conversation that we haven’t become used to. I’m hoping to be involved in more the advocacy around understanding how our body and mind work in unison with one another and not separated.”

“Good Neighbor operates in 42 residential locations around the state so that’s 240 people with intellectual or developmental disabilities that we serve and annually we serve over 10,000 people in the community. We also do telemedicine services so we provide tele-psychiatry services to about 7 correctional facilities around the state.”

“We really focus on access to care for all people. ”

We hope you tuned in on Christmas eve! If not, you can catch the full segment here: