Gus the Therapy Dog

Gus therapy dog-6.jpg

Last week, Gus the Therapy Dog stopped by Day Support to spread good vibes in exchange for pets.

Gus is certified with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs and has been making people feel better officially for 2 years, unofficially for 10 (when he was born).

While he was at Day Support, several individuals responded very well toward him.

One individual in particular doesn’t look around or following anything with his eyes very often. But he couldn’t keep his eyes off Gus!

He watched the good boy move across the room. He even cracked a smile and giggled quite a bit. The staff at Day Support said they had never seen him giggle before.

Best therapy pupper around.

Gus therapy dog-1.jpg

Special thank you to Gus’s owner Christina Williamson for letting our staff and individuals spend the morning with Gus. And thank you to Day Support Supervisor Kate Short for coordinating.