Meet Samantha Putney, our Intake Coordinator

Thirds Sam-03.jpg

Samantha Putney loves stories. At Good Neighbor, she gets to hear a lot of them. As Intake Coordinator, Samantha handles all the daily intakes for our community based services, including our new Anthem Integrated Community Care (ICC) and Intensive In-home (IIH) services. That means she’s often the first voice new clients hear, and she’s the first to hear their stories. 

Prior to joining Good Neighbor, Samantha worked in hospitality. She chose that field because it allowed her to work with people every day. “I love getting to know people and hearing their stories. I met people every day from different walks of life.” She gets to do the same at Good Neighbor. She joined the company in 2014 as an Office Coordinator—meeting new clients and helping them find the care they needed. Now she handles all the intakes for our programs that serve clients in their communities. 

Since launching our ICC and IHH for Anthem customers, hundreds of clients have been able to receive the treatment they need to remain safely in their homes and communities. These programs—ICC for adults and IIH for children—focus on managing a client’s wholistic health, including physical health and lifestyle. Behind each of these clients is a strong treatment team of health professionals with various specialities; but before that team is assigned, clients meet Samantha.

Before anything else, Samantha learns each client’s unique story. After that, she links those clients the resources and programs they need, usually within 24 hours of their first call. In our community based programs, clients can receive up to 10 hours of services a week—allowing for more time to learn skills and manage health. 

In addition to hearing other stories, Samantha loves to share her own. She was born and raised in Petersburg, VA and has a dachshund named Khloe whose about to have puppies. She loves watching thrillers, taking naps, and spending time with her family; but most of all, she loves meeting new people.