Meet Sonya Allen

sonya allen.jpg

Sonya Allen was inspired by her mother to dedicate her career to helping others. From an early age, Sonya saw her mother help young mothers and the elderly in their neighborhood. “She hates to see anyone suffer and will always try to fix it,” Sonya shares. Her mother instilled in her a deep compassion for people in need that would last a lifetime. Now Sonya works at Good Neighbor as a Behavioral Health Supervisor. 

Sonya’s love for fashion drove her to study textile design in college. She worked as a freelance fashion designer and volunteered her time mentoring teen mothers. Then she started a career as an advocate for abused and neglected children in Chesterfield County. “It just made sense to pursue a career in something I would do for free.” 

At Good Neighbor, Sonya loves helping individuals and families heal from trauma and build better lives. When she’s not at work, she loves to create. “I love crocheting and knitting,” she shares, “I just get a kick out of how one can take a ball of yarn and create something incredible out of it.” Baby blankets in the summer. Scarves in the winter. Sonya loves to stay busy crafting beautiful things for others. She even sells many of her creations on her etsy shop.

We’re thrilled to have Sonya bring her skills and compassion to Good Neighbor.