Meet Waleska Berrios


The best nurses can make anyone feel at ease with just a simple look.

They're warm. Competent. Trustworthy.

That's Waleska.

And we're thrilled she's joined our cause.

Last year, Waleska joined Good Neighbor as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) in our Psychiatry & Therapy office. This new position has helped fulfill our mission of providing holistic care to all of our clients. In her short time here, Waleska has already made a positive difference in the lives of our outpatient clients. 


Not many Psychiatry & Therapy offices have an LPN, but we think they're crucial to helping clients create a new way of life.

Waleska cares for our outpatient clients by checking vital signs, administering injections, ordering medications, and much more. She monitors physical side effects from medication and also helps clients observe and improve their non-mental health. As a valuable resource to clients, Waleska is available to answer questions about medication and other aspects of one’s holistic health. With Waleska’s help, our clients are able to better understand and navigate their healthcare.


Waleska exhibits an infectious smile and friendly expertise sharpened by her long career in care and teaching. 

She moved to Virginia about two years ago after living in New York and Connecticut. Prior to becoming a nurse about nine years ago, Waleska worked with special needs children for sixteen years as a teaching assistant. As a nurse, she worked mainly with elderly individuals—particularly those suffering from dementia and other related diseases.

Her natural passion and empathy shown throughout her career made her a perfect fit for Good Neighbor. 

When Waleska isn’t changing lives at Good Neighbor, she enjoys being a makeup artist for special events and occasions. She also loves latin dancing and music.

We are thrilled to have Waleska provide this new service at our outpatient office. Her excellent work has already improved the experience and health of our clients.