Eating cheeseburgers at Max's Positive Vibe Cafe

It’s easy to take something as simple as eating a good cheeseburger at a restaurant for granted. But for many adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, going out to eat isn’t so easy. These individuals often lack the resources and support required to travel to a good restaurant and pay for a tasty meal. It can also be stressful for individuals with disabilities to go out in an environment where others might stare at or mistreat them.

At Good Neighbor, we help empower individuals by providing the resources and support they need to live fulfilled lives. Recently, individuals and staff from our Day Support program enjoyed a great lunch out at a nearby restaurant—Max’s Positive Vibe Cafe in Richmond.

Kate Short, Day Support Supervisor, chose Positive Vibe Cafe because of their commitment to empowering adults with disabilities. Starting in 2004, Positive Vibe Cafe trains and employs adults with disabilities to provide skills and careers in the restaurant industry. They have graduated over 1300 individuals.

Our individuals loved the delicious food they had at Positive Vibe Cafe; but most importantly, they were happy to be in a place where they felt accepted. “A man like me walked me to my table,” one individual remarked. “I like this place cause nobody stared a me.”

We’re thankful for businesses like Max's Positive Vibe Cafe and the wonderful work they do. We can’t wait to go back!