3rd grade

Career Day in Church Hill

RICHMOND, VA - LaToya Cotman and Jakima Bloomfield of Good Neighbor represented mental health professionals at George Mason Elementary's career day in Church Hill yesterday.

Firefighters, police officers, bee keepers, and others were there as well to give 3rd graders the opportunity to see what a day in the life looks like.

As mental health counselors, Cotman and Bloomfield taught the students about positive coping skills and ways to help identify and talk about emotions. They even used Skittles as an easy and fun way for students to share what they enjoy, what makes them angry, or a favorite memory.

Understanding your own inner world while being able to empathize and communicate with others is a vital skill for all of us when it comes to developing a healthy mind as well as healthy relationships.

So a big thank you Cotman and Bloomfield for taking the time to help sharpen the minds of the youth in our community. We hope the students were inspired to learn more about mental health, and who knows, maybe one of them will become a counselor one day, too!

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

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