mental illness

Why do you do what you do

At Good Neighbor, we have specialists who go into the community and meet with individuals seeking mental health support and counseling. It's part of our Community Based program, which includes our Intensive In-Home, Mental Health Skill-Building (MHSS), Intensive Care Coordination, and Therapeutic Mentoring services.

A behavioral health specialist will meet with individuals in their homes and throughout the community to help them manage mental health symptoms and other areas of their lives impacted by mental illness.

These services are designed to not only help reduce the need for hospitalizations, but also to help individuals grow, become more independent, recognize opportunity, and do more of what matters to them and makes their life enjoyable.

Needless to say this is hard work and requires a special kind of person.

So we sat down with a few counselors to ask them why they do what they do.

Here's what they had to say: