Welcome TJ Boyd!

Tonjanika “TJ” Boyd, PMHNP-BC, MS, BSN joined Good Neighbor earlier this year as a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

Formerly a high school science teacher and currently an Army reserve officer in the Nurse Corps, TJ has a rich and dynamic background that allows her to connect with a variety of clients on all levels.

The passion and enthusiasm she brings to our outpatient and telehealth programs is contagious. Sarah, Good Neighbor’s outpatient practice manager, said of TJ, “You’ll never meet another nurse practitioner with as much energy as TJ Boyd, and she doesn’t even drink coffee.”

TJ received her Masters of Science Nursing (PMHNP) from Virginia Commonwealth University. She has a twin sister and a 12 year old son, and is an avid body builder.

We welcome TJ to the Good Neighbor team.