This is what autism can feel like

Nearly 1 in 68 children in America have been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). While every individual is different, this video shows the sensory thresholds that many with autism experience.

"I’m autistic. And sometimes I get too much information," Holly says.

"It’s as if my brain is too crowded – and about to explode."

The video walks the viewer through Holly's day, detailing every interaction as they compound into sensory overload.

While the short film depicts Holly's experience, other viewers who are autistic have voiced that theirs is different, expressing that there should be more videos out there that portray autism in a positive light.

For example, one YouTube comment said:

I am autistic and I find this video to be insulting, it makes me feel as if I am stupid not able to cope with anything. Not everyone with autism is like this. It makes people with autism look bad to others, we should be promoting how people with autism have positive traits not negative all the time.

But others shared a more positive response:

This is exactly what life is like for me! I am shocked and amazed at the accuracy. This made me cry with happiness as we (autistics) are finally being understood. I am proud to be autistic and I love my special autism traits. I also find life incredibly difficult and am glad this side of autism is being portrayed. I'm female and pleased to see a girl playing this role

These comments illustrate that every one experiences the world a little bit differently. It's part of what makes humanity beautiful.

The video concludes by saying, "Take a minute and give an autistic person more time to process information. Understand autism, the person, and the change you can make."

Holly's story is a reminder for all of us to show more empathy toward each other. If we all took a minute to better understand one another, the world would certainly be a friendlier place.


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