Good Neighbor offers therapy to family who shared their traumatic story on The Doctors

Healing and sharing go hand in hand. That’s why the Sullivan family recently went on the TV show The Doctors to tell the story of their own family trauma and how they’ve healed since. Last summer, Sean and Melissa Sullivan’s three year old son Roan was accidentally caught underneath a lawn mower his father was driving.

"I didn't prepare myself for what I was about to see," Melissa recounted.

Sean and Melissa immediately rushed him to the emergency room and waited as doctors worked to save Roan. Sean feared that his son would lose his arm, or worse. Doctors were eventually able to save his arm and heel, but Roan had lost his toes.

After months of physical therapy, Roan is doing incredibly well. But recovering from a trauma like this is never easy. "One thing that's helped me is talking about it and being open about it," Sean shared.

After The Doctors told us about the Sullivans’ story, we jumped at the opportunity to help. 

We’re happy to provide therapy to the Sullivan family for the next six months as they continue to grow and heal from this trauma. Their courage to share their story on TV will undoubtedly help keep others safe and encourage us all to share our own stories.

We’re thankful to the Sullivan family for continuing to share their story and for letting us be a part of their healing.

You can watch more of the Sullivans’ appearance on The Doctors below.